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Bill Vernick

I'm Bill Vernick. I write advertising, marketing and I produce video content for the web

Bill Vernick worked in film production and as a film editor before beginning his career as an advertising copywriter in New York City.     Bill is best known for co-creating  "The Best Part Of  Wakin' Up Is Folgers In Your Cup", which is still running successfully 25 years later.  The campaign took Folgers from a 17 to a top-of-market 36 market share in 1 year and has kept Folgers a top selling brand ever since.     As an agency Creative Director, Bill worked with clients such as P&G, Unilever and Kraft. Bill broadened his reach by pioneering new product creation, as one of the founding “Trained Brains” for Eureka Ranch.   Bill also did similar work for several new product and brainstorming companies such as Synectics, Galileo and Sawtooth.  During this time, Bill has created and written over 8,000 new product, strategic and branding concepts.     To ToTo unearth insights that lead to new product ideas that resonate with consumers, Bill always goes back to a quote from author Harper Lee, who wrote, "You never get to know a person until you've spent time walking around in their shoes."      This helped Bill uncover the original Folgers insight - and he's used it on every advertising and new product project since; including all innovation, naming and rebranding.  In addition, skills honed in advertising helped Bill write concepts that consumers feel comfortable with and can relate to.  Words are kept to a minimum, but the idea feels familiar and friendly.

Bill Vernick's Background

Bill Vernick's Experience

Group Creative Director at N.W. Ayer

February 1984 - April 1991 | New York

Write TV commercials

Bill Vernick's Education

School Of Visual Arts

Concentration: Film

Bill Vernick's Interests & Activities

Film, screenwriting, political writing, marketing

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